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Deliz by Sumo's 

Italian Hazelnut Chocolate 




Dry Boy Safe Lime Desiccants (Magic Lime) with good ability to absorb water molecules prevent moisture from condensation in the environment with high humidity.
Magic Lime applicable to foods (popcorn, cookie, dry food, dry vege/fruit, seaweed, maringue and others, agricultural products, machinery, leather finished items, electronics, glass fiber, plastics, medicine, timber and paper-made items prevent the items delivered by aircrafts and vessels from becoming dampened. Magic Lime is damp proof.
The good capacity and quality can be maintained by putting Magic Lime desiccant aside your cutting edge devices.
The Magic Lime desiccants have the hyper moisture absorption.
Most of all, Magic Lime desiccants as odor, color and moisture absorbers are used widely to industrial and home application. They prevent foods and drugs from becoming dampened and rancid. They prevent optical and electronic devices from becoming dampened and rusted, too.
Bacteria and molds growing fast with adequate temperature and humidity cause changes in quality and colors and dampen the foods.
The humidity in the air affects electronic devices and causes low capacity. It is crucial to maintain the production 

line dry by desiccants to avoid the risk of defected items

ABOUT Dry Boy Safe Lime Desiccants (Magic Lime)
“Magic Lime” is a safe lime desiccant!
“Magic Lime” has been certified non-toxic by Japanese Food Research Laboratories.
“Magic Lime” had been awarded with “Kids Design Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in  Japan.
“Magic Lime” is powerful in its moisture absorbing capability and will not release moist when temperature rises.
“Magic Lime” will not generate high heat as lime when it meets with water.
“Magic Lime” sachet packaging is reversed printing, not directly contact with food, which complies with FDA title 21 CFR.
“Magic Lime” packaging film can function with no holes punched, the material inside sachet will not leak out to contaminate foods or products.
“Magic Lime” will take one or two days to fulfill its moist-absorbing task.

Magic Lime has been tested and has various International Certificates:
• "Non Toxic" Test from Japan Food Research Laboratories.
• US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) DMF29054
. ISO 22000, ISO 9001: 2015
• HACCP, Certificate from SGS, MSDS, RoHS ..
• HALAL certified!


Isomalt Economical

  • 1kg
  • 500g
  • 100g

CNY 2024 Muffin Cup


SERBUK tea thai…

green tea 1 pack 200g
red tea 1pack 400g 


MIX-LAH Whipping Cream Powder & Cheese Foam Powder


Revolving Table U 0748


Wireless Hand Mixer U 0747


Spatula Curve ( 6" / 8" / 10" / 12" ) U 0743 - 0746


Spatula Straight ( 6" / 8" / 10" / 12" ) U 0739 - 0742


12cm / 15cm / 18cm / 20cm / 25cm / 30cm KANTO STICK [ 100PCS ]


20cm / 25cm / 30cm Bamboo Skewer [ 100PCS ] Lidi Sate / Satay Stick

☑️ Wallaby Quality Bamboo Skewer
☑️ Length : 20cm / 25cm / 30cm
☑️ Weight : 700gm per packet
☑️ Diameter : ø3.5mm
☑️ Food Grade , Hygienic & Environment Friendly
☑️ For use on BBQ & Steamboat


Filling 5KG White Chocolate / Matcha / Milky Chocolate / Butterscotch / Keladi  / Tiramisu / Hazelnut Chocolate


Nozzle Tip for Cake

  • 1m
  • No 3
  • No 30
  • No 102
  • No 60
  • No 326
  • No 352
  • No 362
  • No 801
  • No 802
  • No 804
  • No 806
  • No 808
  • No 852
  • No 862
  • No 863
  • No 857
  • No 856
  • No 893
  • No 898
  • No 869

Flamigo Cake Deco DPT 0901


Mini Umbrella DPT 0898 - 900 (5pcs)